Our Technology

Over the past seven years Olixol has developed and patented a process to produce pure natural seed based oils using plant cells, working hard to maximise our efficiency.

Why? Because in traditional agri-cropping vast amounts of land are required, crops can be affected by weather or disease, harvesting can be energy intensive and then lots of bio-mass is usually wasted – all that is really required is the seed itself.

The oil then needs to be extracted from the seed. Undoubtedly some seeds are cold-pressed but the vast majority are impeller crushed, solvent extracted or both, subjecting the oil not only to temperatures as high as 250 degrees Celsius but also potentially leaving traces of harmful chemicals such as hexane.

This traditional extraction can sometimes change the properties of the oil and adversely affect the precious bio-actives it contains.

Our patented process is gentle, natural, occurring at temperatures of less than 30 degrees Celsius and no solvents or harmful chemicals are used. All of the variables are controlled to ensure our pure oils are consistently are of the highest quality each and every time.

Our Process

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One-off Initiation

Start with a seed
Non-GMO seeds of the genus of oil we seek to produce are carefully selected to ensure the oils will be of the highest quality.

A steady hand!
Under a microscope the seed is cracked open, the specific oil producing cells are identified and removed.

Growing the cells
The cells are placed in flasks containing our proprietary liquid media and then sub-divided repeatedly into vessels of increasing size.

A Continuous Production Process

When a sufficient amount of cells are ready they are transferred to our pharmaceutical grade stainless steel production tanks.

Feeding the cells
In a completely hygienic environment, at atmospheric pressure, with temperatures of less than 30 degrees celsius, the cells are constantly fed with sugars, light and air.

Oil production
In a continuous process oil is produced, separates naturally from the cells and is removed from the tanks. NO high temperatures and NO solvents or other harmful chemicals are used at any stage.

GMP Packaging
The oil is cold filtered using a food grade membrane, bottled and nitrogen blanketed within hours of being produced – guaranteeing the purest and freshest oils for our clients.

Continuous production, no agricultural land, no harvesting, unaffected by weather, consistent quality.


  • The oils produced are of consistent high quality
  • Produces no waste emissions or harmful by-products
  • Very low water requirement
  • Yield unaffected by weather
  • Requires no agricultural land and very small footprint
  • Continuous production process requiring no harvesting of cells
  • No GMO
  • Rapid, scalable and modular deployment